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Display Control Panels:
1) Open the Display Properties window: click on Start, choose Settings, choose
Control Panel, and select Display.
2) Click on the Themes tab; click in dropdown box under Theme: and choose the
desired theme
3) Click OK
(make selections while in Display Properties window)
To use a graphic as your background:
1) Select from the list of background images that came with Windows XP.
2) Click Browse button to locate and open desired graphic either from the web
or file on the hard drive.
a) Right-click the graphic, and then click on Set as Background.
3) View your desktop to see the graphic displayed.
4) Click on Position to alter how the graphic is displayed
5) Click on Color to select the desired background color
6) Click OK
Hint: When using a graphic from a website as background, it is saved in the background list as Internet
Explorer Background
. Each new graphic defined replaces the old one.
Screen Savers: (make selections while in Display Properties window)
1) Click on Screen Saver tab, under Screen saver, and select the desired screen saver click
2) To have another picture be the screen saver, ensure that there are two or more pictures in a folder on the computer; upload pictures from a digital camera or scanner, or copy them from the Internet
3) Click on Screen saver box and select My Pictures Slideshow
4) Click Settings and then click on Browse button to specify the folder containing pictures, define picture size, and set other options; click OK
5) Set Wait time and click OK
Viewing Pictures as a Slide Show:
1) Locate and highlight picture files to be in the slide show; if only one picture is highlighted, all pictures in that folder will be part of the slide show
2) Right-click on highlighted picture files and select Preview
3) On toolbar at bottom of Viewer window, click on Start Slide Show icon
4) Touch Tab key to show Slide Show toolbar buttons to play, pause, move to the previous or next slide, or end the slide show. Keyboard shortcut keys can be used while viewing the slide show: arrow keys to advance slides; space bar to pause; Esc to exit slide show